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  • Mind Your Body…Counseling Can Help

    Body and Mind Connection

    Your physical self (which begins with your brain) has a way of messaging you when something needs to be fixed, adjusted, or simply changed. These messages are sometimes subtle, but other times strong and intrusive. They can come in the form of physical pain or discomfort, anxiety, depression, anger or agitation, poor sleep, weight loss/gain, fatigue, and more. We find that most of our clients struggle on some level with anxiety and it is there that we begin to consider what they would like to adjust or change. We look at their thoughts, feelings and behaviors and how they might adjust these to feel better. Counseling is a process by which they learn to mind the messages from their body so they can adapt and ultimately, thrive.

    How Does it Manifest?

    Think about the last time you had a worry or concern on your mind. How did it feel? Where did you feel it? Were you mad? Glad? Sad? Scared? What did you do with the energy generated by your mind and body? Did you get up and start making plans or setting goals? Did you pray? Make lists? Exercise? Go back to bed? Self-medicate with alcohol, street drugs, donuts? Did you snap at your partner or kids? Call in sick to work? Did any of this help? If you’re finding that your current patterns of thinking, feeling, and behaving leave you less than content and peaceful, counseling can help you examine these patterns and consider options for adjustment or change.