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  • The Therapy Process

    We believe therapy is a collaborative partnership.  It requires both parties to be actively involved working towards a mutually desired outcome.

    The basic goal of therapy is to:

    • increase your self-awareness
    • develop new skills
    • to gain personal improvement
    • implement behavior changes
    • achieve optimum functioning

    We believe clients want to:

    • fully participate in their communities, their families, their work, and their lives
    • have the capacity, capability, strength, and motivation to make changes

    Our services are:

    • Recovery and resiliency-based
    • Outcome focused and effective
    • Time efficient
    • Provided in an environment of hope, trust, empathy and optimism.

    Seeking Therapy – The first step is to make a call/send an email to the office to schedule your free 15-minute consultation.  This can be the hardest step and it takes courage to know what you need and seek it out.  After the consultation is complete, we will schedule your intake appointment.

    First Appointment – This is called the intake appointment.  The therapist will discuss your reasons for seeking counseling, your goals for treatment, your history, and background.  It is a chance for you and your therapist to get to know each other.

    Coming to Therapy – It is best to attend therapy sessions on a weekly basis at the start of treatment. Sessions can be from 45-60 minutes long.  You should arrive on-time and be ready to work. Therapy is not a one-sided endeavor; you will be given assignments that will help us figure out where you are stuck, what obstacles are getting in your way, and how to change them.

    * Please be respectful of other clients if you need to reschedule or cancel your appointment.  Others may be needing to come in sooner and can take your slot, if they are given enough notice.

    End of Therapy –  Once we have reviewed your progress and mutually agree you have achieved your treatment goals, it will be time to start decreasing the frequency of sessions.  This is a time when you may experience mixed feelings of ending the therapeutic relationship, and joy over all you have accomplished. This is normal and expected.  Therapy is not what we see in the movies.  People are not meant to be in treatment for the rest of their lives. Therapy enables you to move forward successfully and independently… and that is a good thing, a very good thing!  Of course, the option of returning is always available. We are always here as a resource for you.



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